Reflex Stage 3 7R | 360AWKW/500NM | Powermax Stage 2 G25-660 on E85 Flex



Our latest Ecotune Reflex project comes from owner Justin and 999 Automotive in QLD for this immaculately presented MK7R.

Justin approached our team and 999 Automotive during the Reflex development phase, looking for a Flex package for his MK7R. Justin was adamant that the vehicle would have full Flex fuel support whilst also offering outstanding performance, reliability and drivability. We can meet all of these objectives easily, so proceeded to work out a final performance solution.

After lengthy discussions with Justin, it was identified that some of his existing hardware was not up to spec and would need to be replaced for optimal results for Ecotune Reflex. Justin was the perfect customer and trusted our extensive experience, and replaced the necessary hardware with Ecotune-recommended componentry and 999 Automotive set about the hardware upgrades.

Throughout the early base calibration process and hardware checks it was identified that the vehicles existing exhaust system may be dramatically hindering spool rate and overall performance. This was backed by our high data-rate ram logging processes, where we could see that there was a substantial restriction in the exhaust system. Through specific testing methodologies and supported by 999 Automotive, we had identified a failed rear-section in the catback, causing wastegate pre-controls and duty cycles to not reflect expected behavior and dramatically hinder performance. After replacing this catback, it was onto full sauce.

A final safe power output was achieved of 360AWKW/510NM at full ethanol content, and 310AWKW/480NM on 98RON.

This MK7R enjoys our full Reflex feature list:

  • Reflex Flex Fuel
  • Reflex Select (Map Switching)
  • Reflex Boost By Gear
  • Reflex Response (Enhanced Engine Safeties)


We are extremely excited to deliver a fantastic outcome, and are thankful to be working with people as amazing as Justin (owner) and 999 Automotive. We are enthusiasts first and foremost, so working with likeminded invidiauls is incredibly rewarding.


A word from the owner.

Justin – MK7R on Stage 3 Reflex – 360AWKW/510NM on E85

“I had always loved hot hatches and particularly the VW Golf GTi & R.  About five years ago I test drove a MK7R with 1900KM’s on the clock – very low for a four old car.  One drive and I was in love… so I bought it!  Went Stage 1 and that was good, then Stage 2, and finally decided to go for it and do a Stage 3 build.

With the recommendation of 999 Automotive, I was connected with Ecotune Australia and haven’t looked back.  Kile and the team at there have been so professional and responsive throughout the entire process, and what a product they have produced – the Ecotune Reflex Package – and it sure packs a punch, also with great drivability.

End result achieving 360 AWKW on E85.

I highly recommend Ecotune Australia – thanks guys!”


Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400