Reflex 7.5R | 276AWKW/580NM MK7.5R on E85 | Stock turbo street-rocket with Eurocruisers Australia

Reflex HOT75R

The Beginning

A complete performance makeover fit for a king, queen, or anyone else that decides to sit behind the wheel.

Paul and Marissa picked up their MK7.5R [HOT75R] in late 2021, immediately visiting their dealer for Ecotune Stage 1 ECU software. Having heard a lot about our previous developments and achievements, it was a simple choice and one that didn’t disappoint. Enjoying exceptional performance for over 27,000km of cross-country trips, traffic light wars and all manner of things it was safe to say that they got their enjoyments worth.

But we’re human, and good things can never be left well enough alone!


HOT75R roll racing. E85 Golf 7.5R

Paul and Marissa Enjoying HOT75R at the Sydney Motorsports Park Roll Racing Event.

Reflex HOT75R

The End

After endless enjoyment for over a year, Paul and Marissa approached our team to have a chat about what could be done to pursue further performance. With strict instructions to maintain incredible drivability, reliability and all of the existing-performance aspects they both enjoyed so much, we set about making a few options to offer them both.

The plan opted for was an Ecotune Flex Fuel package on the factory-equipped turbocharger (IS38), which is where the concept for Ecotune Reflex began. This very quickly evolved into the fully comprehensive Reflex package that we are now famous for, offering Flex Fuel, Map Switching, Boost By Gear and Enhanced Engine Safeties.

Paul and Marissa graciously left their vehicle with us for a small sum of time to finalise our performance package for this vehicle and lay the foundations for future Reflex packages. Having access to a clean, tidy and well-looked-after development vehicle meant that our full attention was on the engineering of this new solution and nothing more.

Specifications: 276AWKW/580NM on E85. 242AWKW/490NM on 98RON.
Original IS38.
Downpipe: 3.5″ Catted
Intake: Integrated Engineering
HPFP: Autotech HPFP
LPFP: Stock
Injectors: Stock
Intercooler: Stock

HOT75R – Ecotune Stage 1 98 vs Ecotune Stage 2 Reflex on E85.

HOT75R, in a full-weight setup, has run an 11.38 1/4 Mile on a street surface (as measured by Dragy), and a best of 0-100 in 3.44s. We are looking forward to seeing HOT75R fitted with a much-needed intercooler upgrade and a speedy return to the strip for an improved 1/4 mile time.




With the software side of the HOT75R project now completed, it was time for Paul and Marissa to put our Reflex package through it’s paces. And boy did they ever.


HOT75R MK7.5R back at thet track. E85 Golf 7.5R.

HOT75R’s 3rd track event since going Ecotune Reflex, Sydney Motorsports Park.

Reflex HOT75R

The Journey

Start, End, Journey may seem like an odd sequence, but the most important aspect of a performance experience is what happens after the vehicle is completed. The journey.

Paul and Marissa run the popular Eurocruisers Australia car club, which sees them travel all across Australia in HOT75R in all manner of weather and environments Australia has to offer. From Queensland to their home state of NSW, to Victoria and soon Tasmania. HOT75R with Ecotune Reflex has been enjoyed on countless track days, interstate trips for charity and community events and an uncountable number of mountain runs and held up perfectly to everything that could be thrown at it.

With an initial 27,000KM traveled on Ecotune Stage 1, and now an additional 23,000KM travelled on Ecotune Reflex, HOT75R is a testament what intelligent and careful calibration practices is all about; Endless and reliable performance for everyone.



HOT75R at Roll Racing in Sydney. E85 MK7.5R

Marissa piloting HOT75R and ‘sticking it to the blokes’ at a local race event in Sydney.

A word from the owners:

While looking to purchase an Mk7.5R for my wife, I did my research on tuning and decided that Ecotune Australia was perfect for what I wanted. Literally 3 hours after picking it up "stock as a rock," it was tuned stage 1 by Ecotune, and it was instantly so much more enjoyable to drive. We purchased the car with 70k km on it, with the intention of it being a true daily car that would not be a "garage queen." We ran with the stage 1 ECU and stage 3 TCU tune for about 6 months and then had an opportunity with Ecotune to trial and assist in developing their "Ecotune REFLEX" tune package. This was definitely an exciting proposition. We went ahead and were the first in Australia to have "Ecotune map switching with REFLEX." REFLEX is amazing software that incorporates map switching on-the-go. Our Mk7.5R has 4 tune maps and also an immobilizer map that disables the tune as an anti-theft deterrent. On ours, map 1 is very tame and economical to run, and rolling through the maps progressively gets more and more spicy! In the 8 months since REFLEX, we have driven Sydney to Melbourne twice, driven Sydney to Brisbane once, raced at roll racing, raced at drags, had many long, hard, spirited drives, and daily driven. REFLEX gives us the ability to run whatever combinations of 98 and E85 we want without problems. The flex sensor and software do all the work! Obviously, E85 is far spicier than 98, but 98 is still amazing. Straight E85 is EPIC though. 😂😉 Throughout the whole development process, everything has been seamless, and it's been a pleasure to deal with such a professional business that actually "listens" to what the customer says. By the way, we went through numerous revision files in the process of helping get this perfect, and as it sits right now, I wouldn't change a thing. We have no immediate plans to go stage 3. Why would we when we currently have an "all-rounder weapon" of a daily car that runs 11.3 draggy? Well, maybe one day. 😉 The car currently sits on 143k km and ZERO ISSUES. LOVE IT!

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