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Ecotune G25-660 Reflex Packages

G25-660 Reflex 10 second pass.

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Ecotune Stage 3 Reflex | G25-660 – 10.72@130.5

A great day out at the drags with A1 Autohaus and their shop car to gather data. Netting ten 10-second passes (including passenger rides), we are proud of the consistent and reliable performance this Ecotune package offers. Driven to and from the strip on the same tank of fuel, then back home again to Sydney, this is a great daily that can deliver some incredible performance.

Rolling out of the bays onto the strip on cold tyres for a shakedown saw a 10.72@129MPH with a timid 2800RPM launch.

Plans to run it on a stronger launch setting were cut short when we were booted from the prepped lane for running a street tyre (very understandable); the remainder of the day had a strong focus on attaining data and delivering some passenger rides, just enjoying a day of safe racing.

To those that passengered and watched that observed almost none of the usual Powermax Stage 2 ‘Howl’, and this car’s immense spool speed, R&D does wonders. Immense work has gone into taking full advantage of the fantastic design of this turbocharger and its high efficiency/low EMAP characteristics. This has paid off!
Everyones favourite; numbers.
A best ET of 10.72s
A best MPH of 131MPH
A best 0-100 of 3.06s
A best 100-200 of 6.35s
The package is as follows, all supplied and fitted by A1 Autohaus
  • -Ecotune Stage 3 Reflex ECU
  • -Ecotune Stage 3 DQ381 TCU
  • -Ecotune MQB LPFP
  • -Ecotune Map Sensor Kit
  • -Garrett Powermax G25-660
  • -HPFP Upgrade
  • -980cc Port Injectors
  • -Intercooler Upgrade
  • -3.5″ Catted DP
  • -Intake Upgrade
  • -Catback Upgrade
We’re looking forward to A1 Autohaus getting this car back out to the strip on some better rubber, a few geometry modifications and some of our new fuelling pieces.
Special thanks to A1 Autohaus for their top tier workmanship and dedication, Supreme Motor Works for some pre-strip support and dyno time, as well as Lance and the team at Heathcote Park Raceway for slogging it through 4hrs of rain and re-prep to get cars out on the track.

Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400