Stage 1 RS6 C8 | 453AWKW/769NM | Ecotune Audi RS6 Tuning In Melbourne

More 4.0TT magic at Peerless Automotive with Ecotune.



There is no question that our ECU and TCU packages for these platforms are class-leading; pair this with the outstanding workmanship and attention to detail from the Peerless team, and you’re left with an extremely capable performance experience and some very happy customers.

This C8 RS6 enjoyed a monumental 103AWKW/180NM gain at the wheels. A thorough pre-tune check and comprehensive data checks ensured a phenomenal performance experience that’s backed by perfect street manners and drivability.

The RS6 C8 is quite a heat-limited platform; this is managed through specialist experience and careful calibration. Some intake and charge cooler upgrades down the line for this platform mean more sauce, more sauce and more sauce!

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