485AWKW/880NM Lamborghini Urus | Lamborghini Urus Tuning In Melbourne!

Ecotune Stage 1 485AWKW/880NM Lamborghini Urus at Peerless Automotive & Electrics.

The team at Peerless are no strangers to Audi 4.0TT powerplant found in this Urus, having completed many Ecotune performance projects with us over the years that take full advantage of every aspect this powertrain has to offer.

Seeing many RS6’s, RS7’s and RSQ8’s, it was with some excitement that our team and Peerless discussed where to go with this Urus, a new challenge and something to collectively sink our teeth into.

Peerless opted for an Ecotune Stage 1 ECU tune for this one, with further support available for Stage 2 and TCU tuning when the customer decides that they want some more theatre (as if this car doesn’t already have enough haha).

Enjoying a 120WKW/250NM gain over factory trim with all factory safety routines maintained, real-world performance and drivability is drastically improved and now properly fitting of the Lamborghini name.

We’d like to thank Peerless Automotive for their attention to detail and dedication to delivering exceptional performance outcomes for the customers we work with together.
Enjoy some of these photos and the outrageous power improvements!

Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400