Stage 3 POLO GTI AW | IS38 | Ecotune

IS38 AW Polo GTI | 210KW/480NM | Ecotune Stage 3
Stage 3 Polo GTI AW Tuning in Melbourne!

European Prestige Car Care takes a potential-filled platform and provides an overhaul that delivers on its full capabilities.

The AW Polo GTI is a handy little go-kart-esque package in factory trim, offering enough driver engagement to keep the casual enthusiast satisfied with the overall driving dynamics.

Whilst well rounded, our experience (backed by enthusiast feedback) with this platform is that in its stock state, power is lacking in the upper portion of the rev range; paired with transmission behaviour that can often leave the engine out of its optimal rev range and ‘confused’ results in an inconsistent performance experience.

A complete Ecotune Engine and Transmission calibration package yields substantial power gains across the entire rev range, offering a powerband that is both tractable and responsive and rewarding for those willing to explore upwards to the Polos redline.

Matched with our carefully developed transmission software that addresses the shortfalls of the factory TCU logic whilst improving shift speed, behaviours and longevity, the resulting performance experience is incredible from all angles.

✅ Ecotune Stage 3 ECU

✅ Ecotune TCU

✅ IS38 Turbo Upgrade

✅ Custom Downpipe

✅ Leyo Intake

✅ CTS Inlet Elbow

Great work to European Prestige Car Care for delivering an incredibly tidy package and also to the owner (IG: @AW.GTI18) for the opportunity for this project and their excellent feedback.




Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400