Stage 3 ED40 GTI | 360FWKW/570NM E85 GTI in Melbourne!

Most people seeing this know this particular ED40 GTI needs no introduction, a familiar face to Supreme Motor Works and the broader enthusiasts community alike.
The owner, having recently completed a full Ecotune Stage 2 Reflex Package, indicated that ‘further down the line, let’s turn it up’.

Well, it’s further down the line now, and it is indeed time to turn things up. Returning for a full Ecotune G25-660 Reflex package!
Supreme Motor Works are responsible for all of the performance modifications and tuning made to this ED40 GTI; here is the current specification:

-Ecotune Stage 3 Reflex ECU
-Ecotune Stage 3 DQ250 TCU
-Garrett Powermax Stage 2 – G25-660 Turbocharger
-Ecotune Map Sensor Kit
-Trackslag Downpipe
-Wagner Racing Intercooler
-Upgraded HPFP
-Ecotune LPFP
-980cc port injectors
-SMW Fuel Line Kit
-Leyo Intake

With this amount of power in a FWD vehicle (even one utilizing the VAQ quasi-LSD), under most circumstances, traction would be an absolute battle. However, this is perfectly dialled in and under control, thanks to Reflex Boost By Gear paired with our refined TCC updates.
A properly fast daily that is as refined as it is savage, a true ‘do-it-all’ performance experience

Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400