Stage 3 E85 Audi S3 | 333AWKW/562NM | APR DTR6054 Turbo On E85

Ecotune Stage 3 PFL S3 | 333AWKW/562NM

E85 fuelled S3 with the new APR DTR6054 Turbocharger.

This S3 previously enjoyed our Ecotune Stage 2 ECU/TCU package courtesy of European Prestige Car Care. Specialist maintenance, careful hardware selection and our precision-developed calibration package were critical to this car’s success on the street, on track, and as a daily driver.
The next step (read: giant leap) in this car’s performance journey was an Ecotune Stage 3 setup, with careful care to ensure that all the previous enjoyable characteristics of this car’s setup were maintained and improved upon in all areas.
✅ Ecotune Stage 3 ECU
✅ Ecotune Stage 3 TCU
✅ APR DTR6054 Turbocharger
✅ APR Intercooler
✅ Ecotune MAP Sensor Package
✅ LPFP + HPFP Upgrade
✅ 980cc MPI Upgrade
✅ 98/E85 Switchable Maps
✅ Racingline R600 Intake

… And more!

We cannot stress how important quality hardware selection impacts the final results of a build.
Our goal was a broad, linear powerband with outstanding response, maintaining its fantastic daily-driving characteristics whilst offering outrageous performance at the drop of a hat.

Seeing 270AWKW/460NM on 98 and 333AWKW/560NM on E85, with full torque coming in at ~3300RPM we have delivered a perfect package that will handle any daily, race and track tasks you could throw at it.

Outstanding work from European Prestige Car Care and our friends at Ecotune

Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400