Stage 2 Golf R re-tune – MK7.5R Ecotune Stage 2 Australia

229AWKW/480NM Stage 2 MK7.5R
Another Ecotune success story for our Australian network at Supreme Motor Works

More power, more safety, better drivability and improved performance behaviour.

The owner of this MK7.5R swapped over from a well-known ‘custom tuner’ and enjoyed substantial real-world improvements.

This MK7.5R visited initially for a minor service, however, after some discussions surrounding the customers concerns with it’s existing tune package from elsewhere, we set out running through our testing suite to acquire some information on how best to proceed.

What we found was a fairly generic software package, that whilst not inherently bad, it was entirely uninspiring and left quite a bit on the table, both in terms of performance, but also enjoyment and drive quality.

Where it struggled the most however, was dealing with our Australian fuel quality, particularly combined with simulated heat loads that you’d find in our warmer months.

To name a few, reported improvements were;
-Improved power and torque delivery
-Improved oil temperatures
-Drastically improved launch strategy
-Drastically improved transmission performance

Resolving some questionable lean conditions and knock behaviour, we are happy we were able to address the customers’ concerns whilst also delivering an even stronger performance experience.

Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400