ED40 GTI Clubsport Ecotune Stage 2 Reflex with Flex Fuel

Stage 2 ED40 GTI | Flex Fuel GTI Clubsport 283FWKW/588NM

Stage 2 Flex GTI Clubsport

Ecotune Stage 2 Reflex ED40 GTI!

A great first project at Supreme Motor Works, an Ecotune Stage 2 Reflex equipped ED40 GTI, achieving 280FWKW/580NM.

We want to welcome Supreme to our broader global network and look forward to delivering exceptional outcomes to their customers.
Equipped with our latest Reflex ECU and TCU developments, we saw a fantastic performance outcome, supported by our new engine safeties and additional features.
This owner now enjoys:
-Reflex Flex Fuel, a genuine, no-compromises Flex experience.
-Reflex Select, on-the-fly map switching at the press of a button.
-Reflex Boost By Gear, precision power delivery per-gear.
-Reflex Response, brand new active safety routines.
-Reflex Secure, enhanced vehicle security at your fingertips.

Amazing work from Ecotune and Supreme Motor Works.

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Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400