Stage 1 RSQ8 | 470AWKW/735NM | Twin Turbo V8 Fury at Peerless Automotive.

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470AWKW/740NM of 4.0TT V8 Fury at Peerless Automotive.

Whilst we’re most famous for our class-leading 2.0T/2.5T MQB calibration packages, we also deliver some outrageous results for Audis 4.0TT V8, most commonly found in the S/RS6, S/RS7, RSQ8 as well as the Lamborghini Urus (and some Porsche/Bentley pieces).
We worked hand-in-hand with Peerless Automotive to deliver a polished all-around calibration package with Ecotune Stage 1 ECU/TCU that ensures both immense power gains (+120AWKW/170NM) as well as perfect street manners and drivability characteristics.
Careful attention was paid to strategic heat management on the stock charge coolers as well as ensuring the mighty ZF8 transmission was able to rapidly respond to and put down the immense torque that is available.
Further down the line the addition of upgraded downpipes, careful intake selection and charge cooler upgrades, we could hope to see this behemoth crack close to the magic 500 mark. Great idea in our eyes 👀.
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