Powermax 1 Tiguan 162 TSI – Stage 3 Tiguan in Sydney | 280AWKW Powermax 1 Tiguan

Powermax Stage 1 Tiguan – The way it should have been.
A fantastic project with our friends at A1 Autohaus!

The owner of this Tiguan was chasing a fairly hefty uplift in overall performance whilst also chasing relaxed daily driver behaviour (two baby seats in the back indicate a demand for supreme comfort when required).

Along our development chain for this platform and turbocharger sits a ‘full bolt-ons’ package, requiring a downpipe, intake, and intercooler upgrade alongside the G2260S turbocharger to achieve maximum safe power output for 98RON.

G2260S turbocharger in Tiguan Engine Bay

Pair this with our heavily developed software package you are left with an extremely responsive performance package with a broad powerband and fantastic daily-drive manners, it really is the best of all worlds.

We assisted A1 Autohaus with our Stage 3 ECU and TCU software package for this hardware combination and are confident in the results we were able to deliver with their cooperation.
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