G2260S Stock Hardware – Powermax Stage 1 Tuning for MK7 GTI, MK7R, Tiguan 162 TSI and more!

Hassle free performance

A challenge

At our core, Ecotune the brand, the team who operate within and the carefully selected network of dealers around the world, operate together in pursuit of a common goal; the best possible outcome for our customers and an unmatched commitment to product excellence.

Having access to remarkable project cars, customer builds and engineering developments that would excite even the most seasoned motoring enthusiast, it’s fair to say we can be immune to the buzz of shiny new hardware; however, when the customer experience team presented the case for producing a product that would appeal to the distinguished enthusiast whilst harbouring the scalability to easily unlock a significantly more unruly brute – it’s fair to say the Engineering Team were immediately onboard.


Considering their achievements so far, why would this team be so engaged by such a tame opportunity? The challenge to create something understated and respectful to the original manufacturer’s engineering style, whilst retaining emissions compliant hardware and the technical challenges this presents. It was a chance to produce an OEM-esque marque as you feel the engineers would have loved to do it, had they been afforded the same opportunity.


Garrett, the world-renowned leader in performance turbocharger engineering, identified the need for a quality-consistent range of upgrade turbochargers for the EA888 GEN 3 engine that would be as welcome on the VW Polo GTI as it would an Audi RS3 LMS. In doing this they created an incredibly promising, production level unit to equip some very fast street cars.

No additional hardware required

Introducing PMAX1 - Stock Hardware

The Powermax Stage 1 turbocharger is a tried and tested, recently developed offering from the engineers at Garrett. Their excellent iteration on a highly responsive and performance-enhancing power unit offering exceptional value at a surprising price point; incorporating new electronic actuator, diverter valve and a comprehensive fitting kit, along with a large bore cast compressor inlet.

The directive

  • Produce a performance outcome that aligns with the platform’s common 240AWKW/440NM Stage 2 that retains the factory-supplied intake, intercooler and catalyst-equipped exhaust (hint, we smashed this power target).
  • Ensure a modular upgrade path with scope for increased performance upon the addition of complimentary hardware upgrades.
  • Improve component protection engine management strategies, retain engine reliability, manage power delivery and drivability characteristics to suit significant performance increase.

The outcome and benefits –

We identify the various needs of individual customers and their vehicles. This package caters to the customer seeking an upgrade that significantly amplifies the factory performance characteristics without the convoluted catalogue of parts typically associated with this power level. This offers an excellent, scalable introduction to upgrades for your car with a clear modular path beyond which leads to power outputs and performance results typically reserved for the supercar owner.


With an increased focus on engine and noise pollution, performance motoring enthusiasts are subject to growing public criticism. As this unwanted attention grows, we are offering a conscionable upgrade solution without the performance compromise.


Ecotune PMAX1 during development – Stock Hardware on a MK7.5R

Ecotune PMAX1 stock hardware vs APR Stage 1 High Torque w/ intake, MK7.5R

  • Emissions compliant
  • Factory like response with 350nm of torque available from 2500rpm increasing to 500NM by 3250RPM.
  • OEM Reliability and Improved Drivability.
  • Retain your original turbocharger should you wish to return to factory setup or recoup a portion of your upgrade investment.


This is one of the first product packages to benefit from our newly developed Reflex ECU firmware. Our Calibrations Engineers have focused for many months on development vehicles both locally and worldwide to make this exciting upgrade unparalleled in the marketplace.

Additional features

Reflex support

What features does Ecotune’s Reflex Calibration include?


  • Reflex Flex Fuel– Full support for 95, 98, E85 and any mixture in between. This is handled on-the fly by our Reflex Flex Fuel technology when fitted with a Flex sensor. Independent calibrations for 95, 98 and E85 fuel are dynamically interpolated and blended relative to Ethanol content as measured by a fitted Ethanol sensor. This approach ensures the perfect ignition angle, optimal direct/port injection split, ideal fuel pump management and perfect fuel trimming at all Ethanol ratios with the added comfort of our Reflex Response safety features. When combined with Ecotune Select, our live map switching option, launch settings, and boost-by-gear settings are available on the fly.


  • Reflex Select– On-the-fly selection between independent calibrations using steering wheel controls. Swap between different power levels, launch settings, boost by gear settings and even enable an engine immobiliser.


  • Reflex Response– Our additional response layer to poor fuel grades or compromised engine hardware helps protect your investment. Our brand-new Reflex Response routines constantly monitor various key safety metrics. If Reflex Response is triggered due to a safety event, the MIL will flash repeatedly and temporarily reduce power output to let the driver know.


  • Reflex Response Oil Temperature Limiter– Power is progressively adjusted based on oil temperature threshold limits. When the car’s oil temperature is cold, Ecotune Reflex reduces power output, steadily increasing power as oil temperature rises to full power at full operating temperature. Power is also adjusted if oil temperature is too high.


  • Boost By Gear – Specific boost curves and targets relative to gear selection to improve grip in all on-throttle driving, with solutions for manual and DSG cars alike. This allows you to unleash the full potential of your car from a standstill and a roll.


  • Reflex Secure– An effective additional layer of theft deterrent where a Reflex Select Map allocation is appointed to immobilise the engine. Select this mode; the car will not start until you return to the vehicle and disable the feature.

Is my car supported?

 Reflex features are only available as an add-on to Ecotune Stage 2 and beyond on the EA888.3 platform, or at Stage 3 on the 1.8TSI models. Here’s a list of all models currently supported for PM1 and Reflex:



  • Arteon R
  • Golf MK7/7.5 R
  • Golf MK7/7.5 GTI
  • Golf MK7/7.5 GTI TCR and Clubsport
  • Polo GTI 1.8T 6R/6C/61 (IS38/Powermax)


  • S1
  • S3 8V/2
  • TTS 8S
  • A3 8V/2 1.8T


– Leon Cupra 290, 300, 310

– Ibiza Cupra 1.8T 6P


– Octavia VRS (Petrol)

– Superb 280 (Petrol)

When and Where can I get this package for my car?


This package is now available at all Ecotune Australia dealers, visitor our dealer locator here to find your nearest dealer.

Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400