Stage 2 Tiguan 162 TSI | Tuned Tiguan ‘Show Car’ Project with Jon Vader

Ecotune Stage 2 Tiguan | Form meets function.

Previously Ecotune Stage 1 and fresh from getting its new wheels and airbag suspension, Jon decided it was time for some additional power and theatre.

We’d previously left off on this platform with Stage 1 finding some minor restrictions in the stock catback. Jon fit a MK7R Catback alongside a new upgraded downpipe and intercooler from Dub Addiction, opening up further tuning opportunities to chase additional power and torque response.

Enjoying a 0-100 in the low 4-second range whilst retaining perfect daily drivability, this Tiguan is a bonafide all-rounder and show car to boot.

Jon has plans down the line to look at a ‘big turbo’ Stage 3 setup, enjoying our up-and-coming flex and map switching features.

Photos by Vinhman Photo

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