Ecotune MQB HPFP – MQB High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrades Are Here!

Worlds best 2.0T MQB HPFP

Ecotune MQB HPFP Upgrade

More of our Ecotune MQB HPFPs have landed! This HPFP is arguably the worlds best 2.0T MQB HPFP upgrade, being found on our 780HP+ world-record MK7R and performing flawlessly!

AN6 input thanks to our precision CNC’d billet cap (AN6 to barb adapters included). Filtered inlet, improved plenum volume (especially beneficially to those cars with check-valveless LPFP’s) and more capacity for sauce than you could poke two sticks at.

✔️ Optimised rebound control for improved high RPM pressure stability.
✔️ Over 35% increase in piston bore area.
✔️ Precision engineered with multistage finishing process.
✔️ Nitrided components finished with Titanium CarboNitrate coating.
✔️ Up to 240bar operating pressure.
✔️ Dramatically improved transient pressure performance.
✔️ 40% increase in intake plenum volume.
✔️ 100% increase in fuel distribution channels retaining OEM pulse buffer system.
✔️ AN6 micro-filtered inlet with included barb adapter.

✔️ Sealed MPI outlet with supplied high-flow MPI T-piece.

What does all of this mean to you? A lot of performance with none of the reliability issues commonly associated with existing HPFP solutions. You can have your cake and eat it too 😉
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