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Who are we?

Ecotune are the team behind some of the fastest European vehicles that the world has ever seen. Offering cutting edge performance for any level of modifications, the Ecotune team ensure that whether it’s a stock hardware ‘Stage 1’ project or a be-all-end-all ‘Stage 4’ monster, you will always be enjoying the absolute ultimate in performance from your vehicle at every push of the pedal.
Using over a decade of critically refined tuning experience, Ecotune are absolutely relentless in pursuing the ultimate in vehicle performance. There is no ‘good enough’ for the Ecotune team, it is absolute perfection in design, perfection in execution, and perfection in results. No exceptions.
From the moment you get in touch with a member of the Ecotune team or Ecotune network, the perfect performance journey begins. Highly qualified and experienced performance specialists will provide carefully curated advice and direction to best support you with your performance goals, both short and long term. Ecotune and all of the Ecotune network live and breathe perfection at every turn ensuring unparalleled service, perfect results, and ecstatic customers each and every time.
There is more to having a car that has been tuned by Ecotune than just immense performance and OEM-like drivability. It is knowing that your car is being supported by over 15 years of development and innovation by the absolute best in the industry. It is knowing that at any given moment your car is performing at its peak, with results driven by thousands of hours of deliberate and concise decisions and actions that all culminate in the strongest results possible.
We are proud to say that the Ecotune journey from start, to finish and beyond, is the best of its kind bar none. When you join the Ecotune team you are joining thousands of smart, driven enthusiasts around the world that want the absolute pinnacle of automotive experiences.

What Our Customers Say

HOT75R – Ecotune Reflex E85 MK7.5R

While looking to purchase an Mk7.5R for my wife, I did my research on tuning and decided that Ecotune Australia was perfect for what I wanted. Literally 3 hours after picking it up “stock as a rock,” it was tuned stage 1 by Ecotune, and it was instantly so much more enjoyable to drive. We purchased the car with 70k km on it, with the intention of it being a true daily car that would not be a “garage queen.” We ran with the stage 1 ECU and stage 3 TCU tune for about 6 months and then had an opportunity with Ecotune to trial and assist in developing their “Ecotune REFLEX” tune package. This was definitely an exciting proposition. We went ahead and were the first in Australia to have “Ecotune map switching with REFLEX.” REFLEX is amazing software that incorporates map switching on-the-go. Our Mk7.5R has 4 tune maps and also an immobilizer map that disables the tune as an anti-theft deterrent. On ours, map 1 is very tame and economical to run, and rolling through the maps progressively gets more and more spicy!

In the 8 months since REFLEX, we have driven Sydney to Melbourne twice, driven Sydney to Brisbane once, raced at roll racing, raced at drags, had many long, hard, spirited drives, and daily driven. REFLEX gives us the ability to run whatever combinations of 98 and E85 we want without problems. The flex sensor and software do all the work! Obviously, E85 is far spicier than 98, but 98 is still amazing. Straight E85 is EPIC though. 😂😉 Throughout the whole development process, everything has been seamless, and it’s been a pleasure to deal with such a professional business that actually “listens” to what the customer says.

By the way, we went through numerous revision files in the process of helping get this perfect, and as it sits right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. We have no immediate plans to go stage 3. Why would we when we currently have an “all-rounder weapon” of a daily car that runs 11.3 draggy? Well, maybe one day. 😉 The car currently sits on 143k km and ZERO ISSUES. LOVE IT!

Paul Stewart

Eurocruisers Australia

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Where can I find Ecotune?

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;
Melbourne, Australia
0419 641 400